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    We are a technology company focused in the development of cashless payment solutions. Our firm was established by a group of entrepreneurs who have over 50 years of combined business experience in the areas of technology, imports, sales, manufacturing and distribution. We have worked with companies like Firestone, Venezuelan Institute for Scientific Research (IVIC), General Motors, AC Delco to mention a few. We are confident that our experience and expertise have the foundation to launch a company that is on the verge of changing an industry.

    We at Eazy CoinTM are pioneering “wireless mobile technology” using BLE 4.0, the first of its kind in USA, permits customers to buy drinks by using their mobile devices with Android, Windows, and IOS (Apple).

The Eazy CoinTM solution could drastically increase sales, furthermore machines utilizing only The Eazy CoinTM solution will significantly reduce operating costs by improving productivity and eliminating vandalism and expensive cash management tasks like cash shrinkage due to operator’s lack of detailed trace-ability in cash collection.

In summary, Eazy CoinTM is poised to transform an industry by responding to the need of how customers operate and consumers shop through the mobile payment industry, thus increasing customer loyalty, company’s revenues while at the same time reducing expenses.

How it works

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The vending machine is equipped with an electronic device developed by Eazy CoinTM that link through Bluetooth (BLE 4.0) with the user’s smart phone and the secure server. The information is encrypted to maintain security for customers and consumers. In Eazy CoinTM we developed a revolutionary tool that allows an intuitive way to make vending machine purchases by smart mobile with Android , Windows and IOS (Apple) operating system in a secure manner without the need of a credit card reader platform. The Eazy CoinTM solution was designed to be installed in a wide variety of vending machines, including new and legacy models. The installation can be made in an easy and seamless

EazyCoin Team

Jose Zabala

CEO - Founder / Inventor

Visionary leader and motivator. Successfully led many technological ventures, transforming ideas into profitable business realities.

Carlos Romero

CDO - Founder

International entrepreneur, business degree, systems design and development expert with over 30 years of experience.

Miguel Mundarain

CTO - Founder

Computer and electronics engineer-designer, Magna Cum Laude with over 25 years of experience in various industries. NAMA, BICSI, IEEE, TAU, ALPHA PI

Nelson Barreto

VP Sales & Marketing

Communicator and motivator of the masses with far-reaching experience in sales and marketing. He understands that relationship and trust are the key to successful endeavors.

Roberto Peiret

CMO - Founder

A great entrepreneur with over 30 years of business experience in wholesale, retail, imports, and distribution. Robert recognizes and thrives on new and great opportunities.

Atilano Orozco

CAO - Investor

Successful business man with a business degree and a vast experience on import and export enterprises.